Being a resident of Vista, CA or even the surrounding area, you are probably aware that bees and wasps are quite common. If you need the services of a specialist, then you’ve come to the right place! Pest Control of Vista has removal specialists who look forward to protecting your residence, family, pets, or customers from the harms of stinging insects.

What can we offer?

We’re able to offer bee removal services at both residential and industrial properties.

Our staff work throughout the Vista, California area to remove all types of stinging insects. We can get rid of Killer (Africanized) bees, yellow jackets, honeybees, wasps, and hornets. Not only will our experts remove the existing threat, but they’ll also help to keep the said pests from coming back in the future. Our experts will also clean-up the mess that they often leave behind which often involves removing any nests and fecal matter.


Be mindful about these things

We’ve included a list down below of the items you ought to look out for when dealing with this particular problem:

  1. Bees will mind their own business as long as they aren’t disturbed. If you come across their nest or swarm, just keep your distance and don’t bother them. Be careful of Africanized bees because they do not necessarily have to be provoked to attack. They are much far more aggressive.
  2. Because nest removal is as essential as the actual removal of the bees, be sure that any removal company includes this in their quote to you. When our specialists arrive at your house, they’ll make sure that there aren’t any openings in the house, such as holes in the walls or gaps in your rooftop, that these pests can use to enter your house. It truly is our goal to see that your family and pets are safe.
  3. Do not be deceived by the bee and wasp insecticides available in shops. The in-store products will simply have a temporary impact and won’t clear away the nest itself, which can be essential. Also, in the event the product does not work properly, spraying the bees will undoubtedly enrage them further. As mentioned previously, generally, they only attack after they sense danger. Problems like this are better left to pros.
  4. Never approach a beehive. Africanized bees may look much like honey bees, but they’re far more aggressive. We’ve had customers get stung in excess of thirty times because they tried to remove a beehive with a broom. We can’t emphasize this enough: Stay clear of beehives. Their attacks can be fatal to men and women.

Control Solutions

We do not just send out a normal pest control professional to handle your bee removal job. We have removal pros who are specifically trained and credentialed to take care of stinging insect issues. Our specialists are truly enthusiastic about safeguarding the families of Vista and take their work seriously. Odds are, if you’ve seen numerous bees around your house or office, then chances are you have a swarm or nest in the area.

A nest of bees can have between 3,000 to 40,000 individuals! We probably don’t need to tell you how harmful a nest near your home could be to your family and pets. Sometimes, they will come to an area before actually building a nest. If you’re able to, try to determine whether they have constructed a nest, or if they are a swarm that is going to move on. Make an effort to observe them to see if they’re going back to some type of nest. However, be sure you don’t get too close. You will want to look at your removal options when it seems that they have built a nest.

Give Us A Call!

If bees undertake residence in part of your building, like within the fireplace, wall or attic, then you’ll need to contact a removal specialist right away to limit structural damage. You won’t need to worry about being charged an inspection fee. Just provide us with an accurate description on the phone about the location and size of the hive, and we can give you an estimate. We offer flat rates and warranties on our removal services, which means you know we’ll do it properly and you’ll know exactly how much it’s going to cost. Give us a call today at (760) 659-5635 to find out how we can assist you.